• Address: 21, Akinsanya Street, Taiwo Bus Stop, Ojodu, Ikeja.
  • Phone: 08167178486, 07039855775


NOPRIN is a coalition of (46) member-organizations, spread across Nigeria.

NEW MEMBERSHIP FORM NOPRIN`s membership is organization-based., But individuals with special professional skills in relevant areas such as Policing, safety and Security etc. may be admitted.

Download NOPRIN`s MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM, which on completion should be forwarded to NOPRIN secretariat (see our contact).

The Network on Police Reform in Nigeria, in December 2009, held its Annual National Congress (ANC) after which a new Coordinating Committee (CC) was elected and inaugurated. The members of the committee were elected based on the thematic areas of interest to their respective organizations.

The tenure of the current (CC) members will last from January 2010 to December 2011. The members of the current (CC) and their organizational details are:

1. Obo Effanga – Acting Chairperson
Individual member 0803-3248854,
Email: obobef@yahoo.com

2. Dr. Lydia Umar
Gender Awareness Trust [GAT],
Kaduna 0803-3146543, Fax: 062-245449
Email: lyumar@yahoo.com

3. Mashood Erubami
Centre for Human Rights & Ethics in Development
[CHRED], Ibadan
02-712336. 0803-3311094
Email: chrrd92@yahoo.com, erubamio@yahoo.co.uk

4. Innocent Chukwuma CLEEN Foundation,
Lagos 0805-5887766
Email: chukwuma@cleen.org, cleen@cleen.org

5. Dr. Greene Eleagu
Helping Hands Initiative [HHI], Umuahia
Email: www.handsonorg.com, handsonorg2@yahoo.com

6. Grassroot Empowerment Initiative Nigeria [GREIN], Owerri.
0802-3166357, 0803-4772168
Email: grassroot_ein@yahoo.com

7. Legal Defense and Assistance Project [LEDAP], Lagos
Email: info@ledapnigeria.org

8. Savior Akpan
Community Policing Partners [CPP], Abak
Email: humanrightsabak@yahoo.com

9. Okechukwu Nwanguma -Secretary
National Coordinator, NOPRIN-Lagos
234-1-7618925, 08064974531
Email: okechukwu@noprin.org